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F1 Manager Android

Try out the all new F1 Manager mobile game, available on both the Amazon and Play Store (for all Android handsets & certain Kindle versions). Download it by clicking here or search for F1 Manager game, designed by Phoenix Studios and happy gaming!
Welcome to F1 Manager Game Online.

You sit in your pit garage - to your right sits the chief designer who spent all of last season researching your car, he watches on as your car pulls in to its grid spot.

To your left, the race mechanics prepare for the first race of the season . You look briefly behind you in to the pit garage, where a group of mechanics watch a television with their nerves building - On the other side of the garage the sponsors you signed only weeks ago cross their fingers in hope of a good race.

You never thought it would be this difficult to be an F1 Manager!

Managing your finances, signing the best drivers, setting up the race strategy, creating research and development teams with projects to focus on, signing suppliers and improving your facilities.

It has all come down to this moment, every aspect of your team has been set up for this race. As the lights go out, you shout “GO” into your microphone and you see your cars pulling away...

Welcome to F1 Manager Online.